In the sports goods sector, consumers now expect companies to act on social and environmental issues, a call to which sports companies are actively responding through improved social reporting and by adjusting their business practices.
Sport goods sector
While sports is vital for the achievement of many sustainable developments goals, consumers are also a vital component of the sports industry. They request more transparency and sustainability on labour issues especially along supply chains where some social abuses had been discovered in the past.
The sports goods industry is moving towards greater social sustainability, and aims at having workers in its supply chain receive fair working conditions, while increasing its positive impact on the communities and stakeholders that it works with.
Several sports’ brands have taken commitments to provide living wages and respect human rights throughout its supply chain and have made significant progress in social reporting on which they require the proper benchmarks.

Fair Wage methodology and tools can help Sports goods brands to take steps forward in this direction and also to change their organisation along these lines. Applying the Fair Wage standards and tools provides numerous topical improvements to the operations of sports goods companies, most notably:

Better wage levels and labour practices help consolidate and strengthen brand reputation
Wage structuration around performance targets increases production and sales
Social dialogue platforms and motivational workshops increases employee loyalty and brand identification
More generally, Fair Wage will enhance sports goods brands’ performance by helping them to:

– Secure a healthy supply chain

– Ensure a fair compensation policy that further strengthens the brand’s reputation

– Develop a global and coherent wage and compensation policy among all units

– Avert strikes and other workforce crisis

– Attract and retain better talents

– Increase employees’ motivation and performance

– Develop a stable, loyal workforce

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