The food industry has notoriously been plagued with workforce related difficulties
Food Industry

The food industry has often been confronted to serious labour issues –including forced labour and child labour- generally because it is characterised by a long series of intermediaries and actors, and since it also depends from products delivered by a large series of small-scale farmers and plantation workers. It is often at the farm level that working conditions are the lowest and living conditions the most vulnerable. Social policies and primarily wage practices are key instruments to alleviate those issues.

With very fragmented and complex supply chains, large companies in the food industry also suffer from a lack of coherence in their human resources policy and wage practices. This requires brands to develop a more global human resources and compensation policies for their supply chains.
Unsurprisingly, Fair Wage is regularly solicited by food industry actors both for their own operations and for their supply chains. A number of brands in the food sector have taken steps forward to implement fair wages or living wages. Applying the Fair Wage standards and tools provides numerous topical improvements to the operations of food companies, most notably:
Wages and working conditions are improved at the bottom of global supply chains
Better products and services are ensured along the chain including in transport and in time delivery
Better wage practices increase employee motivation, satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism and turnover
More generally, Fair Wage will enhance food companies by leading to:

– Secure a coherent and healthy supply chain

– Protect the brand from labour related reputation crisis

– Increase worker productivity

– Attract better talents

– Add a decisive marketing advantage to the food brand

– Increase investment attractivity

– Develop a stable, loyal workforce

– Avert strikes and other workforce crisis

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