Cooperating with other NGOs

Fair Labour Association

FLA was the first organisation to implement the Fair Wage method and to recognize the value of its comprehensive approach. ‘Most corporate social responsibility work on wages has focused on whether a workplace meets a certain level of compensation, usually the legal minimum wage. But fairness of wages and, crucially, perception of wage fairness, are more complex than that’. (FLA 2011)*

Its code of conduct was also adapted accordingly: ‘the FLA’s fair wage commitment is embodied in its Workplace Code of Conduct’ (FLA, 2015) A number of pilot assessments were also successfully achieved for FLA members such as H&M, Puma and Adidas. ‘the FLA intends to draw on the experience of affiliates and multistakeholder initiatives such as the Fair Wear Foundation, ISEAL Alliance, Fair Wage Network the ILO’s Better Work program, Ethical Trading Initiative, FairTrade International, WageIndicator Foundation. (FLA, 2015)**



"Fair Wage Network has conducted Fair Wage assessments, using management and worker surveys and surveys of workers’ expenditure, that highlight the value of working in partnership with companies. Assessments have been carried out for brands including Puma in Indonesia, Adidas in the Philippines and H&M in several countries. Discussion has moved on from changes needed at factory level (e.g. pay systems, overtime, wage levels) to ways of scaling up the improvements." (Oxfam, 2014, p. 10)



The Fair Wage Network has also cooperated with ETIs. In particular the cooperation with ETI-Norway is aimed at promoting Fairer wage practices among their members, and also to identify the necessary leverage to do some joint work on shared suppliers.

Pilot fair wage assessments were carried out among suppliers in China on brands like Varner, Norrona and Voice.

"The Fair Wage Network set up in 2010 (Fair-wage.com) has been influential in enlarging the scope of, and making progress on, the debate on wages and has stimulated exchange of experiences between brands and different stakeholders (FLA, FairWear, BSCI, BetterWork, ETI) on 'Fair Wages'." (JETIs, April 2015)


A cooperation started in March 2015 between the Fair Wage Network and Solidaridad to promote fairer wage practices and help brands and suppliers working with Solidaridad to implement the Fair Wage approach.