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Minimum Wages Across Canada In 2017

Source: Jauary 6, 2017Link: Mark Swartz By late 2017 the average minimum wage in Canada will be about $11.43 per hour. That compares to $9.25 in 2010, an increase of over 23%. Read ...

Wage developments | Administrator | 6 一月 2017 | Hits: 5019 | 評論

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Minimum wage is going up in these 21 states in 2017

Source: uk.businessinsider.comDate: December 28, 2016Link: uk.businessinsider.comAuthor: Dan Caplinger Minimum wage laws have been a major political issue recently. Proponents of higher wages argue that they're necessary to provide for basic living expenses, and many have called for increases to as much as $15 per hour. Opponents, meanwhile, point to the potential impact of higher labor costs on the businesses that employ ...

Wage developments | Administrator | 28 十二月 2016 | Hits: 5083 | 評論

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Can Raising Japan’s Minimum Wage Accelerate Wage Growth?

Source: www.imf.orgDate: November 28, 2016Link: blogs.imf.orgAuthor: Luc Everaert and Giovanni Ganelli Japan’s minimum wage is 798 JPY ($6.52) per hour, lower than many other advanced countries, including the United States, and among the lowest relative to the average wage (see chart). For a country that needs consumers to boost spending to pull the economy out of 15 years of deflation ...

Wage developments | Administrator | 28 十一月 2016 | Hits: 5273 | 評論

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How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales? It Paid

Source: www.nytimes.comDate: October 15, 2016Link: www.nytimes.comAuthor: Neil Irwin Walmart's new business strategy: Paying people more. “Efficiency wages” is the term that economists use for the notion that employers who pay workers more than the going rate will get more loyal, harder-working, more productive employees in return. Read ...

Wage developments | Administrator | 15 十月 2016 | Hits: 5077 | 評論

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The Threat of Declining Wages

Source: www.industryweek.comDate: November 29, 2016Link: www.industryweek.comAuthor: Michael Collins Since year 2000, Gross Domestic Product growth has been an anemic 1.8%, and consumer consumption is now 71% of the economy. The relentless effort by the corporations to reduce labor costs has been very successful, but now consumer consumption is not high enough to buy all the goods that America’s factories can produce. Read ...

Wage developments | Administrator | 9 五月 2015 | Hits: 4881 | 評論

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'Increasing number of brands placing Fair Wages in their sustainability strategy

“Wages in our supply chain are a key focus in our sustainability work. Wage structures in global supply chains are often complex. The Fair Wage Network works to bring together fashion brands, garment producers, NGOs, worker representatives and researchers to promote fair wages around the world…. An ambition that we fully support” (H&M, 2011).

Cooperating with other NGOs

FLA was the first organisation to implement the Fair Wage method and to recognize the value of its comprehensive approach. ‘Most corporate social responsibility work on wages has focused on whether a workplace meets a certain level of compensation, usually the legal minimum wage. But fairness of wages and, crucially, perception of wage fairness, are more complex than that’. (FLA 2011)*

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Recent articles on Fair wages

Bloomberg Market, March 2017
Robots Are Slashing U.S. Wages and Worsening Pay Inequality
Robots have long been maligned for job-snatching. Now you can add depressing wages and promoting inequality to your list of automation-related grievances.
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New York Times, Jan 2017
A Higher Minimum Wage in 2017
With the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour unchanged since 2009, many states have taken matters into their own hands and raised the statewide minimum wage.
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New York Times, Oct. 2016
How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales? It Paid Its People More
Can the answer to what ails the global economy be found in the people in blue vests at your neighborhood Walmart?
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Industry Week, Nov 2016
The Threat of Declining Wages
Why a national plan to grow manufacturing and fund America’s infrastructure is the answer to stagnant middle-class wages.
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Business Insider UK, Dec 2016
Robots Are Slashing U.S. Wages and Worsening Pay Inequality
Robots have long been maligned for job-snatching. Now you can add depressing wages and promoting inequality to your list of automation-related grievances.
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The Guardian, March 2015
Fair wages, decent wages, living wages… six things you need to know
What is a fair wage and what can fashion factories, brands and consumers do to make sure workers receive one? Experts share their thoughts
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Recent documents on wages to read

ILO: Global Wage Report 2016/17: Wage inequality in the workplace
The 2016/17 edition examines inequality at the workplace level, providing empirical evidence on the extent to which wage inequality is the result of wage inequality between enterprises as well as within enterprises. The report also includes a review of key policy issues regarding wages.
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Declaration on wage inequality and labour market stability-South Africa
An agreement was reached in South Africa for the introduction of a minimum wage, fixed initially to R20 per hour, and to be implemented no later than 1st of May 2018.
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A comprehensive study on the redistribution of value added along the global supply chain by Doug Miller Klaus Hohenegger

Europe’s middle class also affected by wage moderation and inequalities; new book on the declining middle class in Europe
This book addresses income inequality in particular from the perspective of middle-income groups or what we generally categorize as the “middle-class”.
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New ILO guide on the minimum wage
Based on existing ILO standards and the diversity of international practice, this website provides information on key questions of good practice and highlights different choices that can be made depending on national preferences and country circumstances.
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Addressing the growth on non standard forms of employment-ILO Report on NSFE
This background report sets out a typology of non-standard employment, and presents a general overview of the prevalence and growth of different forms of non-standard employment around the world, the reason for its use, and its effects on workers, firms and the labour market, with special attention paid to fundamental principles and rights at work.
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G20 Labour Markets in 2015
Report prepared for the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting and Joint Meeting with G20 Finance Ministers
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March 27, 2015 Oslo
Fair Wage Workshop organized with ETI-Norway in Oslo

Summary and conclusions of the Fair Wage Network Conference ,Geneva
organized in cooperation with BetterWork, BSCI and FLA