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Wage increase in Manila, Philippines is still not enough to

Source: www.cnnphilippines.comDate: April 15, 2015Link: www.cnnphilippines.comAuthor: Mikas Matsuzawa The minimum wage in Manila has recently increased by 15 Peso (USD 0.34 cents). Even though some welcomed this ...

Wage developments | Administrator | Viernes, 8 Mayo 2015 | Hits: 4012 | Comentarios

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Trade union criticizing insufficient wage increase in the Ph

Source: www.panaynewsphilippines.comDate: March 30, 2015Link: www.panaynewsphilippines.comAuthor: Fraire Acupan End of March a minimum wage increase of 11.50 Peso (USD 0.26 cent) was presented in Western ...

Social dialogue and conflicts/strikes | Administrator | Viernes, 8 Mayo 2015 | Hits: 3913 | Comentarios

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Strikers refuse to return to work until factories increase w

Source: www.mmtimes.comDate: March 3, 2015Link: www.mmtimes.comAuthor: Kyaw Phone Kyaw 3,803 workers from factories in Yangon, Myanmar, went on a strike end of January, demanding a ...

Social dialogue and conflicts/strikes | Administrator | Viernes, 8 Mayo 2015 | Hits: 4029 | Comentarios

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Myanmar: towards a minimum wage for the summer?

Source: us.fashionmag.comDate: March 18, 2015Link: us.fashionmag.comAuthor: Matthieu Guinebault Myanmar’s government is currently working to introduce a minimum wage and to launch a social security program, according ...

New legal provisions | Administrator | Viernes, 8 Mayo 2015 | Hits: 4264 | Comentarios

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Minimum wage debate is still unsolved in Myanmar

Source: www.mmtimes.comDate: April 6, 2015Link: www.mmtimes.comAuthor: Catherine Trautwein Two years after the government passed a new law to set a minimum wage, it still has not come into ...

New legal provisions | Administrator | Viernes, 8 Mayo 2015 | Hits: 4391 | Comentarios

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'Increasing number of brands placing Fair Wages in their sustainability strategy

“Wages in our supply chain are a key focus in our sustainability work. Wage structures in global supply chains are often complex. The Fair Wage Network works to bring together fashion brands, garment producers, NGOs, worker representatives and researchers to promote fair wages around the world…. An ambition that we fully support” (H&M, 2011).

Cooperating with other NGOs

FLA was the first organisation to implement the Fair Wage method and to recognize the value of its comprehensive approach. ‘Most corporate social responsibility work on wages has focused on whether a workplace meets a certain level of compensation, usually the legal minimum wage. But fairness of wages and, crucially, perception of wage fairness, are more complex than that’. (FLA 2011)*


Recent articles on Fair wages

The Guardian, March 2015
Fair wages, decent wages, living wages… six things you need to know
What is a fair wage and what can fashion factories, brands and consumers do to make sure workers receive one? Experts share their thoughts
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The Guardian, 5 Feb. 2015
Exploring the 12 dimensions of a fair wage
Achieving a fair living wage for garment workers requires action across the supply chain, with multiple complementary steps underpinned by ongoing social dialogue
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The Guardian, 18 Nov. 2014
How to achieve fair wages in the fashion industry?
In light of the recent feminist T-shirt scandal, experts share their thoughts on achieving fairer wages for workers in countries that supply to the fashion industry
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Recent documents on wages to read

ILO: Global Wage Report 2014-15: Wages and incomes iequalities (Dec. 2014)
The Global Wage Report 2014/15 reviews the main trends in wages in developed, emerging and developing countries. It also analyses inequality in the labour market and in household income.
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ILO: Global Dialogue Forum on wages and working hours in textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries (Sept. 2014)
Tripartite participants discussed ways to address wages and working hours in the textiles, clothing, leather and footwear industries.
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OXFAM: Steps toward a living wage in global supply chains’ (Dec. 2014).
Steps towards a living wage in global supply chains
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ETIs: – Not how much, but how?
“IT’S NOT FAIR!”…was the rousing cry from the Archbishop of York at ETI and Global Compact Network UK’s living wage conference in April
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ETIs: –Living Wages in Global Supply Chains: a new agenda for business
With Living Wages in Global Supply Chains: a new agenda for business, the ETI's of Norway, Denmark and the UK aim to reposition the debate on living wages for companies within global supply chains.
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Clean Clothes Campaign: Series of reports on living wages/fair wages

Report 1: Migrant workers in Thailand's garment factories
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Report 2: Stitched Up: Poverty wages for garment workers in eastern Europe and Turkey
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Report 3: Tailored wages report
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Human Rights Watch : Work faster or get out: Labour rights abuses in Cambodia’s garment industry
Cambodia: Labor Laws Fail to Protect Garment Workers
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