5 shot during mine wage rage

Source: Mining Safety
Date: 3 September 2012

Five miners who were striking at Gold One’s flagship Modder East mine near Springs have been shot by security guards during a wage protest. A large group of workers was protesting since June 4, when several of them had been immediately dismissed because of the strike they had organized that day to claim for better wages. This time, workers who were killed were protesting to get their jobs back with better pay.


South African platinum mine strikes spread

Source: Financial Times
Date: 23 August 2012
Author: Javier Blas

The labour unrest in South Africa is spreading platinum mine after platinum mine. After the tragedy that happened at Lonmin Marikana, workers at two other platinum mines also demanded higher wages and blocked the entrance to several underground pits, prompting concerns of full-blown industrial unrest in South Africa, one of the world’s most important commodity producers (not only of platinum but also of dozens of other minerals).


Miners killed during a series of strikes and labour unrest over wages in South Africa

Tragic : 34 miners killed in clash over wages with Policy in South Africa

Source: Clutch daily news
Date: 17 August 2012, 2010
Author: Danielle Britni

34 miners were killed and 78 injured during violent confrontation at the Lonmin Marikana platinum mine, nearly 60 miles from Johannesburg, and which, came after a week of contentious protesting. According to reports (here from BBC and USA Today), the platinum miners were on strike protesting working conditions and demanding higher wages when police opened fire.


Brands’ pressure on governments

Bangladesh asked to raise its $36-a-month minimum wage... by clothes retail giant H&M

Date: 7 September 2012
Mail online
Suzannah Hills

Popular highstreet clothing chain H&M has urged the Bangladeshi government to increase the minimum wage for garment factory workers.

Bangladeshi factories, where some wages are as low as $37 a month (around £23), make clothes for H&M and other major companies such as Tesco, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Marks & Spencer, Kohl's and Carrefour.

But Swedish fashion group H&M has called for a change in the treatment of countries factory workers - urging for a higher minimum wage and annual pay reviews.


New minimum wage standards for 2012 in Shenzhen and Beijing

Shenzhen, Beijing raise minimum wage standards

Date: 12 January 2012
Source: China Briefing
Dezan Shira & Associates

New standards for minimum wages in 2012 will be RMB 1,500 in Shenzhen (the highest in the country) and 1,260 in Beijing.

Foxconn new strategy generating new labour disputes

Fresh labour disputes hit Foxconn

Date: 1 November 2011
Source: Financial Times
Kathrin Hille

Foxconn new strategy to transfer part of its mass-production activities in new large plants in inland provinces at different wages and working conditions has generated new labour disputes.

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